Has Society Evolved into New York City?

New York City isn’t known to be the place to go when you are looking to give out brownie points for hospitality. Tourists and locals alike will tell you that people who inhabit this city carry a bit of an edge. An edge that seems to be more obnoxious and pushy than most people would come to like. New York has come to terms with its reputation and invited people to come take on its bustling city in all of its nice and not so nice glory. But what if the reputation that has long surrounded New Yorker’s was long ahead of its time? What if it was a precursor for the mentality that all of us would soon develop?

When you think of this or any major city, what comes to mind? Fast moving, bustling and sleeplessness are a few things and rightfully so. In a place where you would attribute these words, it would be expected to house a certain type of person- impatient, insensitive, moody, unappreciative (ie: a person lacking good sense and common courtesy). Do these characteristics sounds familiar? It may be possible that you have started to see them a little closer to home because these traits are beginning to seem reflective of the general population.

In the world of technology we have each created our own personal hubs of bustling city life no matter where we reside. While I don’t have any significant statistics, it is safe to say that the majority of the population has staked its claim in the information age. The average person probably owns a cell phone, computer, notebook and maybe even a smart watch. All that to keep them focused on twenty-four hour news cycles, instantaneous status updates and answers to all of life’s looming questions in a New York minute. One can get accustomed to this life of conveniences and hast. The more plugged in we are to our technological devices the less connected we are to humanity.

New and modern advances in technology is definitely the best thing to happen to us since the first showing of indoor plumbing. People have access to and can do things that the thought of would have hailed you a witch barely 100 years ago. However, everything has a price. Those traits that used to only be associated with pesky New Yorker’s are popping up far and in between as people become less patient, sensitive, and appreciative. On the backside of this tremendous benefit, a ‘me, me, me’ subculture has arisen only to demand more of our thoughts but less of our manners. Needless to say, when we disconnect long enough to encounter it, it serves as a reminder that even though we love to be plugged in, a lesson from Mary Poppins could do us all a little good now and then.