Daily Inspiration: Communities Heal Together

The mosque attacks in New Zealand killed 50 people and injured many others. The tragic loss of life in Christchurch was met with immediate condemnation. The Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has pulled the country together with immense empathy and promises of tighter sanctions on assault weapons.

In today’s video students in the Christchurch community showed their respect and solidarity with the Muslim community by performing the Haka, the traditional war dance. The world has also responded in a similar fashion by showing their support. Extremism in any form that results in the loss of life is intolerable.

The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh that endured a mass shooting just a few months ago also showed their support for the victims by starting a Go Fund Me. This show of support is a glimmer of hope needed to restore love and tolerance in the hearts of people peddling hate.

To the families going through the most difficult moments in your lives: the Jewish community of Pittsburgh is with you. Our hearts are with you. We hold you in our prayers.