Three Reasons it’s Time to Change Course in Your Life

The greatest experiences in life all involve one thing. Everyone subscribed to the same school of thought. Different backgrounds, family structures and upbringings have all influenced how people see and approach happiness.

Whether it comes in the form of financial liberty, a thriving career, loving personal relationships or travel everyone is trying to get and maintain it. In this pursuit, it is easy to get stuck on an emotional carousel. Achieving different levels of personal success requires you to do the work of self-awareness. The hardest part is knowing when to step off the carousel to find more stable ground. Here are some ways to know that it’s time to end the ride.

The Goal is Not Your Own

Pressure eventually crushes you. Making the ones around you happy also means pushing yourself to do things that you don’t necessarily want. Fulfilling a promise to someone else requires an inordinate amount of stress. More importantly, it strips you of valuable time you could be using to achieve your own goals. There is always time to go back later in life and focus on your own wants but why waste the time in the first place?

You’re on the Heels of Burnout

Feeling depleted is usually grounds for giving up. Burnout can almost mimic symptoms of depression by delivering a physical and emotional deterrent to completing a task. This can occur in jobs or in relationships; it’s comparable to hitting an emotional wall. You are no longer available to dedicate yourself, thus making you feel useless to the situation.

The Passion is Gone for Good

Passion does not come from an invariable source. The best outcomes for personal success are derived from an unrelenting source of desire. People are much more productive and willing to participate in activities that are in unison with their bottom line. Once the fire has left, it’s very difficult to get it restarted and it’s probably time to re-evaluate the benefits of the situation.

These are the glaring factors that people ignore and try to push through to get to the prize. It can become easier to trick yourself into believing that a particular ‘goal’ is what you really want because it’s the most plausible at the time. But no one can outrun the fact that happiness can not live where it really isn’t wanted.

Regardless of the pressure or expectation you are trying to live up to— it must be yours. You have to want it more than anyone else around you. The perception of being happy is like standing on the outside of your own life and looking through a long glass window. It’s never going to happen if you are on the wrong side.