A New Year’s Resolution is the Best Friend of Procrastination

On December 31st, people ring in the new year with glasses of champagne, kisses and a new decision for the next 365 days. The day symbolizes a chance to embark on a new beginning. The promise of a new trip around the sun brings opportunity, a metaphorical shedding of unwanted skin. In reality though, New Year’s resolutions are where procrastination goes to die.

The idea of the new year, new me is packed full of great intentions but in many cases can be a gimmick to fool ourselves. Trying to lose weight, learning to save money or finally looking for that new job aren’t things that have to wait to peak around the blasts of confetti.

Resolutions rarely get fulfilled because they are either riddled with fears or lack sincerity. Detachable goals are a favorite this type of year because they are easier to sabotage and abandon. It’s fathomable to keep waiting until next year to work on them because the pass is revolving. Their is not a resolution you can think of that actually has to wait — everything can begin today.

Getting realistic about the goals you want to achieve is the best way to fight procrastination. Being honest about your intentions regarding the goal is the most important. The gag is when resolutions are made regarding things that people complain aimlessly about.

Are you serious about losing weight because your health is at risk or you just don’t like how snug your favorite dress looked? Is a new job beneficial or are you just envious of a coworker that was recently promoted over you? The reasons matter because it directly correlates to how much effort you will be willing to put towards the things that you say matters.

For the rest of 2019, take the first leap to making a meaningful change today. Jump off the ‘new me’ bandwagon and speak life into what motivates you. In 2020, stay vigilant in finding your lane and staying in it. The most satisfying feeling is checking off boxes that you visualized and executed, regardless of how long you took to get there.