Police Brutality Thrives Between the Lines of Inequality

The American way totes freedom and democracy. The portrayal of this country’s mission completely disregards its reality. In an effort to maintain these ideals, the enforcement of law and order is anything but equal.

People of different races, party lines and socioeconomic status can share stark opinions about law enforcement. The rules are enforced based on characteristic variables.

In recent years, the advancement of technology has highlighted dangerous disregard on behalf of police departments. The spotlight has magnified the skewed diplomacy between law enforcement and people of color. America’s checkered past regarding poc’s aids in perpetuating bias when policing these communities. While cases of excessive force and over policing can be found in the black community, this demographic isn’t the sole beneficiary of bias.

The scope of the democratic process historically favored wealthier non-minorities. The creation of certain systems institutionalized protection for this subset of individuals. They enjoy a plethora of advantages ranging from: generational wealth, premier education systems and a lack of perceived biases that prevents their advancement.

The same people then go on to hold positions of power that further the agendas that benefit them. The control group retains power by delegating infrastructures to continually do their bidding.

The government attempted to disband racial and socioeconomic laws that favored discrimination, but it couldn’t kill the the seed that birthed it. These biases are reflected in the structure of neighborhoods all across the country.

No amount of voting, integration, affirmative action or reduced sentencing laws can enact balances of power between groups. With this amount of backing, police forces are essentially untouchable.

Local governments go above and beyond to protect their brothers in blue, to a fault. Select police officers that go to extreme lengths to perform duties outside the scope of their job, need to be reprimanded without public outcry. Especially those who act with malice on the basis of prejudice.

Disenfranchised communities are guaranteed to be over policed because of implicit biases and circumstantial crimes. But the accused have the right to interact with police in a safe manner. Brothers in blue are not afforded special rights to hand down abuse, neglect or even death unnecessarily.

Municipalities are responsible to make sure that officers can protect and serve citizens with a degree of professionalism. Perception and judgement kills people when it shouldn’t. A police officer is not the judge, jury and executioner.

The heart of freedom and democracy means that people of all ethnic, party and financial backgrounds have the right to see a court room before a body bag.